Welcome to the Repton Resource Page.
Here you will find passwords, maps and walkthroughs to all the currently available official Repton levels (from 1984 to a year ago)1. This is not a “cheat page”, but more a “help page”. If you want to cheat, that is your choice. You will also find other resources related to the official Repton games, including freely downloadable screens for PC Repton 3, a list of recommended emulators to run the older versions of the games, and THE only page on the internet that has the Repton file formats explained.

COMING SOON: I am working on a redesigned page, including different maps for the different platforms (not just all PC maps), and the inclusion of other, Repton-style, passwords, maps and walkthroughs (including Harry Wood's Repton 3, A&B Computing's Ripton, and Bonecruncher from Superior Software).
1 This page does not include passwords, walkthroughs or maps for any levels within the first 12 months of their release, although placeholders for the passwords, etc. may be shown. However, there are maps and walkthroughs for levels that are currently available for iRepton, which will become available for PC Repton 1.

How to use this site
Most links in the site are accessable via Repton characters - just hover over the characters to show where they lead (if anywhere).
The walkthroughs for Repton 3 have maps shown in both original and themed graphics. Just move the mouse over the maps to alternate between them. Clicking on the map will 'freeze' it, and a double-click will swap them around. This is also true for the character sets shown, and for the puzzle solutions for Repton 4.
There are also tools above most maps which will allow you to magnify part of a map, freeze the map or swap the maps.

If you feel that there is anything missing, you wish to submit PC Repton level/graphics files, have passwords/editor codes, or just any comments (including the walkthroughs), please email me.

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