Screen D

Screen designed by Tim Tyler
Make your way round to the rock staircase that goes down to the right. From the top of this staircase move all the way to the right until you reach a rock. Push this rock back so it is positioned between the under hanging wall and the cage. Return to the rock, diamond and earth puzzle with a spirit pen above it. There is time for you to release the spirit and then do the puzzle before the spirit comes back, but if you're not to confident about doing this do the puzzle first.

Collect the diamond on top of the clustered barrier, and then push the rock to the diamonds right onto this barrier. Next take the top diamond away on the other side, and push the rock to this diamond's left to the right. Dig away the remaining two bits of earth and collect the last diamond.

If you've released the spirit before you did this, move to a place of safety and wait for him to pass by you. If you haven't now is the time. Just take the bottom diamond away in the chain to do this.

When the spirit enters the cage, you can return to the rock staircase. Go along the bottom of the level till you reach the key and collect it. You can now collect the rest of the earth round the staircase. Clear away the rest of the earth and diamonds and take the transporter at the end to go to the middle section

The spirit in the "diamond of diamonds" needs to go in the top cage. Clear out this area and push the rock behind the diamond, dig out the earth from underneath it and let it fall. Push the second rock off the four square barrier and go straight forward without moving downwards, pushing another rock. Go back one square, down two then push the rock next to you left. Move across collect the diamond and return.

Release the cage then move round to the lone spirit without disturbing the egg. Release him and move to a safe location while he cages. Now move to the five diamonds in a "U". Take the first three away, so the rock falls and blocks you in. When the spirit touches the diamond in front of you, take it away then run left, up and left. If you've managed not to collide with any spirits, clear away this small area of earth unblocking both cages. Now push the rock atop the barrier to your right three spaces. When the spirit touches the right barrier at the top, push it off the curved barrier and run back left, dodging the two spirits as they cage. Don't forget the diamond at the entrance to this spirit run.

Go back into the middle section through the cage you unlocked before you tackled the spirit run and release the monster. Lure him upwards past the spirit chamber and drop the rock on his head. Go through to the next area, leaving the line of boulders for now, and make your way down to the second spirit run. This is easier than the first one, just wait for a gap then enter, go immediately up, pause then exit collecting the diamonds, taking care not to take the transporter. The spirits should both come up and cage themselves. The rest is straight forward take the transporter to the bottom section when you're done.

The bottom section of this level is an exact replica of the top of this Screen, the only difference this time is you are on the far right hand side. But the way you complete it is exactly the same as the first occasion. To manoeuvre the rock in place to guide the spirit into the cage, you must travel underneath that section and go up and around the cage. You can now position the rock where it needs to go. Take the transporter back to Screen A

Transporters - 47, Puzzle - 30, Earth - 3766, Diamonds - 1354, Monsters - 12

All official Repton levels can be completed without Repton losing any lives. Walkthroughs and maps are provided as guides and may not necessarily be 100% correct.
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