written by Jonathan Parkin
formatted for the web by Gerald J Holdsworth

Repton Infinity marked the popular green lizard's last hurrah. Released at a time when the BBC Micro and the Acorn Electron were being superseded, it marked the end of an era.
The step up from Repton 3 came with the introduction of a new programming language that meant many new games with different rules could be produced with the same editing package. Additionally the game allowed you to load a new file and carry your score forward to this new file. Effectively it was the game that could if the player was very skilled go on for hours.
One thread which tied the four commercial games released with the package - as well as any created ones - was the use of the "Minimum Score" which allowed you to either exit a current level, or if there was still points available continue
As commercially released 'Repton Infinity' contained four games of eight screens divided into two parts;
[1] Repton 3 - Take 2, the old classic with a few technical differences to the original game
[2] Repton 4, a sequel featuring new items such as photocopiers, magic walls, magiblocks as well as some old favourites.
BBC Micro Loading Screen[3] Robbo - A robot which had to perform various tasks including putting Coke cans into fridges, light bulbs onto Power Stations, and flushing computer discs down toilets!!
[4] Trakka - A character in a JCB destroying various monsters with items of fruit!! Repton makes an appearance as an enemy!!
A new Repton manoeuvre made an appearance as well which for the purposes of this FAQ I will call 'The Infinity Shuffle'. Simply put this is how it works. When the game engine which runs Repton Infinity performs a scan of the level, Repton is always allowed to move first. This permits Repton to stand underneath a rock then move down, left or right to collect a diamond and return underneath the rock before he is either killed or blocked in. This manoeuvre makes its first appearance in Level 3 of G.Rep3A
This FAQ follows this original version of the game. The following write-ups will show you how to achieve the highest possible score on each level, without losing a life. In some cases this will be higher than the Minimum Score. I have tested these thoroughly to make sure but if you discover a higher score please let me know


The rules of this game were almost exactly the same as the original. However there were a few minor differences.
[1] The game area was longer. Instead of the 24x28 area in Repton 3, the new eight screens measured 24x32
[2] There was no limit on crowns, monsters or spirits. Additionally in the two final screens, monsters were free from their eggs.
[3] Fungus, Monsters and Spirits could not travel through earth. In addition monsters and spirits could not share or pass through the same square. This was due to the programming language created for the game
[4] A maximum of six transporters could be used as opposed to the original's four
[5] Because of the "Minimum Score" there was no time bomb, and by implication no time capsules
Additionally there was a small bug in the game related to fungus. If you collected a diamond and the fungus grew immediately killing you, the game wouldn't register that you had collected the diamond, thus you wouldn't be able to complete the screen.


This was a sequel of sorts to Repton 3. In common with other Repton sequels old characters and game-play were retained, while new ones appeared.
[1] Skulls and Monsters were retained, but altered to Skulls and Crossbones and Ghouls respectively. Spirits and Fungus were also retained but in their usual Repton 3 guise
[2] Transporters were also retained, but the things that could use them were expanded. Spirits, rocks, ghouls, magiblocks and even fungus (!) could use them as well.
[3] Jewels replaced diamonds and banknotes replaced crowns. Banknotes either existed independently or could be created by pushing a rock through a magic wall.
[4] Photocopiers were new characters which essentially allowed magiblocks - another new character to be photo copied, but rocks, ghouls and spirits could be copied also
The fungus bug from the Repton 3 - Take 2 screens was present in this set also, but it wasn't as critical due to only one of the eight screens requiring all of the tasks to be accomplished


Robbo moves away from the Repton mythology to create a new game. You play the title character as always and each screen is a "test bay" where Robbo has to accomplish several tasks, which include
[1] Collecting all the orbs, modelled after diamonds
[2] Cutting grass with a lawnmower
[3] Placing light bulbs on top of power stations, which either exist independently or are produced by pushing phones into a machine.
[4] Placing Coke cans into fridges which either exist independently or can be taken from Coke Machines
[5] Flushing floppy discs down toilets (!) which either exist independently or can be retrieved from computers by repairing them with a spanner
Also you are required to push Things and Kettles out of the way in order for you to accomplish all of the above


(Many thanks to Michael S. Repton who helped me solve some of these levels)
The last section of Repton Infinity is perhaps the most surreal of all. You play a guy in a JCB destroying enemies with road signs, tomatoes, bananas and sticks of dynamite.
To help you in this task you have your explosives expert Kevin who if placed correctly will blow up beasties for you. If he is placed above or below a stick of dynamite, he will blow up the stick plus one square to its left and right, if placed to the left or right Kevin will blow up the stick plus one square above or below
To add to the surreal nature of the game your scores are all multiples of 17
The nasties roll of honour includes;
[1] Oggles - Eyeballs that move from side to side and can be only killed with roadsigns from above, below and to their right.
[2] Jaggas - Round bug eyed monsters which you kill with tomatoes and dynamite, hit them with bananas however and they turn into spiders!!
[3] Spider - Must be killed with a banana, you won't be scored if you blow them up. Very myopic and still, but deadly when awake!!
[4] Repton - Our diamond loving friend is annoyed he's not the centre of attention anymore. Is killed when he cannot move in any direction, therefore sometimes he will be killed by your enemies. If your score mysteriously increases this is the reason why!!
In Repton Infinity you can also use the arrow keys to see more of your world around you. While there isn't much cause for their use in the previous three games, in Trakka it is essential if you're killing Oggles or luring out Spiders for instance. I won't state specifically where to use them, it will be up to your discretion

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