Passwords and Walkthroughs

The maps for Repton, Repton 2 and Repton 3 are taken from the PC version of the game (except for the alternate character set maps) and there will be some minor differences across platforms. There are some exceptions to this - Electron Repton 1 screens have been provided (with the map character) direct from the game data, and the Desktop Repton 1 extra scenarios are also direct from the game data. Also, some PC levels have been modified since their initial release, and may be slightly different from the versions shown.
For Desktop Repton users - on the Repton 3 scenarios, there are 2 versions of each - Hi Res and Low Res. The Low Res passwords and codes are the same as the Archimedes Repton 3, whilst there is a seperate listing for the Hi Res version.
If you find any passwords or edit codes that are incorrect, please first check you are looking at the correct area for the platform, game and scenario (you can filter out what you do not need below). If you are still sure that it is incorrect, can you please contact me directly, and not Superior Interactive (who do not run this page)?

All official Repton levels can be completed without Repton losing any lives. Walkthroughs and maps are provided as guides and may not necessarily be 100% correct.

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